Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to monitor the financial controls of the council 

Up to 5 members of the council sit on the Finance Committee, plus the Chairman of Council as an ex-officio member. The current Chairman is Cllr Derek Greener.

Committee Members

Councillor Derek Greener
Councillor James Jeffery
Councillor Andrew Lea
Councillor Alexis Pavlou
Councillor Hannah Squire (ex officio)


 View the Finance Committee's terms of reference


Schedule of meetings fir the remainder of 2021

Meeting are held online, until Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, and usually begin at 7:15pm (lasting up to 2 hours)

Agenda Published Meeting Held
April 8th April 13th
May 6th May 11th
June 3rd June 8th
July 8th July 13th
August 5th  August 10th
September 9th  September 14th
October 7th October 12th
November 4th November 9th
December 9th December 14th

The next meeting of the Finance Committee is on Tuesday 13th April.  The agenda and access details are here: 


Zoom Link

Forthcoming and recent Finance Committee meetings

Click on a link below to see the meeting agenda, minutes and other related documents.

Meeting Documentation Archive

Agenda and Minutes are displayed as pdf files. Supporting document packs contain a set of mostly pdf files, downloaded as a single zip file.

2019 - 2020 Agendas and Supporting Docs
File name
2020-04-28 Agenda of BPC (FinCo).pdf
2019 - 2020 Minutes
File name
2020-04-28 Minutes of BPC (FinCo).pdf